Seven Time Saving Tips for Home Buyers

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Have you ever wondered where to start or how to go about doing your home search online? Many have the same question so in this blog post we’ll give you 7 hacks that will surely help you.

The Seven Tips are here:

  • Search using Good-to-go home listing sites such as, or Trulia. com.
  • Create a Must-have list and a nice to have list. Check properties against these lists.
  • Look at the Street View using Google Street View.
  • Use Zillow lot lines view and check if the property backs to a creek or riverbed and how close to the house is the body of water. This may impact your plans for your house, and may make you think about additional home insurance needs.
  • Get an areal view of the house.
  • Research the neighborhood.
  • Keep your desired mortgage loan amount in mind always.

Read more about this topic here.

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